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The following tennis instruction videos are divided into different online courses based on a certain topic or a tennis stroke.

These online tennis lessons are a result of almost 20 years of experience working with beginners, kids as well as adults, intermediate players and players ranked on the ITF.

While I offer most of my knowledge for free on this website, the instructional videos below contain my best ideas that produced improvement in the shortest amount of time.

If you would like to buy 3 or more courses in bulk I can offer you a 25% discount. Please use contact form to reach out.

You know that the forehand should be a very versatile stroke that is mostly used as a weapon to dictate the points and yet you may struggle to hit it with effortless power and control.

The reason for lack of power is almost always poor biomechanics of your body as you execute the stroke and various technical flaws.

The Effortless Forehand video course helps you develop a dominating forehand by showing you:

 drills based on biomechanics that unlock your body’s power

 how to increase the racket head speed with the modern lag technique

 how to increase the accuracy of your shots through intention and swing path adjustment

 modern forehand technique checkpoints that clear up the confusion

 open stance forehand footwork for moving to and away from the ball

 how to move backward and still hit with power

The Serve Unlocked is a unique video course that is best suited for intermediate and advanced tennis players who want to:

develop correct modern serve technique

serve with more power and less effort

increase the consistency of their 1st and 2nd serves

have confidence in their serving ability

develop the serve so far that it’s a weapon

The ServeUnlocked video course helps you achieve all that through biomechanics exercises, step-by-step progressions of drills and specific mindsets that unlock your serving potential.

Have you every wanted to transform your weak second serve into a strong, reliable shot that works well even under pressure?

The Second Serve Mastery video course helps you develop such a serve by showing you:

how to develop topspin serve technique

how to develop slice serve technique

drills that improve consistency, kick and power of your serves

how to practice under pressure on your own

my personal ritual & mindset before the second serve

Having a weak and unreliable second serve immediately puts you on defense against your opponent and makes it very hard to hold your serve. I believe that the second serve is the most important stroke you need to master if you play tennis competitively.

The One-Handed Backhand video course solves one of the biggest challenges in tennis for a recreational tennis player; how to hit solid and reliable topspin backhands while being able to generate enough power to trouble your opponent.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

how to generate power from the legs and hips (the Wawrinka principle)

how to hit topspin with pace (and not just flicking the ball with your wrist which results in a weak shot)

how to get power from stretching the right muscle groups at the right time

the difference in tension between forehand and backhand (we need to play backhands with different firmness)

how to move to the ball quickly and efficiently and which stance should you look for

This video course shows you the biomechanical exercises usually used only with professional tennis players but which are actually the most effective ways of teaching your body how to function efficiently and generate effortless power.

The two-handed backhand is usually a very tight stroke that gives the players some control in terms of keeping the ball in play but they struggle to get any effortless power and accuracy with it.

The Two-Handed Backhand video course teaches you the fundamental stroke technique based on biomechanics and that allows you to learn:

how to use body rotation for maximum power (which will relieve your arms of work and allow more precision)

how to synchronize the work of both hands based on levers (and be able to apply much more topspin when needed)

ideal grips for right and left hand that allow the most comfortable way of hitting the backhand

the correct ratio between weight transfer and body rotation (which allows you to stay balanced and hit accurate shots)

the key foot orientations and body positions for closed, neutral and open stances

Just putting the ball in the middle of the court with your two-hander will not be enough to beat better players. Learn how to find that “easy power” through the body as that will relieve your arms of tension and allow you to hit more accurate backhands.

How to play tennis video course for beginners contains 49 step-by-step clips that guide a tennis beginner from scratch to building the basic technique of all main strokes:

backhand (one & two-handed)

The course also includes two bonus videos that explain how motor learning is different than intellectual learning and how to deal with 7 major problems that tennis beginners face. (balance, timing, ideal contact point, etc.)

Besides the online tennis instruction videos that are the best format to learn technique, I can also offer you two ebooks on the topics of tennis strategy and the mental game of tennis.

You will find both on my first site that I started way back in 2006 called

The Tennis Strategy Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive ebook that I know of on the topic of tennis strategy and tactics and is over 100 pages long.

I included in this ebook basically all my knowledge of strategy and tactics that I have learned and used in my 15 years of competitive tennis career.

The Mental Manual for Tennis Winners is a smaller ebook that does not go deeply into the psychology of tennis but rather provides the player with short tips and ideas that help him overcome 29 most mentally challenging situations in a tennis match, for example being a break down, being a set down, dealing with bad line calls, playing in the wind and many more.

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