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30 Day Moneyback Guarantee On Entire Package (no risk)

PDF Instructions Explaining How To Use Them, Explanation Of Each Track, Warnings, Tips And More

I put the music on 20 minutes before bed, and immediately fall asleep.The vibe got into my subconscious mind so deep.. woke up fully relaxed with a smile. Will try to include it in my daily meditation

I played one of the tracks while meditating, and one in particular helped me stay more mindful during my yoga and breathwork practice. It gave me a calming and energising effect at the same time. I found it useful for quieting my mind before falling asleep as well

Very relaxing audios to meditate to, I fell asleep a few times listening which was followed by some interesting dreams and felt amazing waking up. Definitely speaks to the subconscious.

I really liked the audios! Unlike other audios I’ve listened, these are actually binaural. I have been working on theta waves to do spiritual work, meditate, manifest or astral project and with these audios the experience became much more powerful and faster. I loved it! I can’t wait to keep on using them, they’re awesome!

The shifting vibrations tracks helped me relax and focus on my meditations and dream incubation. I really like the use of binaural beats, it puts the brain in a meditative state while also helping with subconscious programming. I like how the subliminals dont sound creepy like a lot of the stuff online. It is soft, elevating, and barely audible. The tone of the music is very relaxing and peaceful. I will definitely be listening to more of these tracks 🙂

I’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort developing these audio tracks and this technology, and I’m very confident you’ll notice it.

I guarantee these tracks will raise your vibrations.

SO MUCH that you’ll actually noice.

You’ll feel noticeably different, more energetic, happier, and more positive within two weeks. As long as you listen to them for at least 6 minutes a day for 15 days,

You’ll notice the difference.

If you don’t, they’re free.

​A small audio engineering team, led by long time lucid dreamer and astral projector has finally ‘cracked the code’!

It’s now been shown that all physical ‘things’ we call our normal reality, are in fact part of a holographic ‘bio-illusion’.

More specifically, a hologram ‘held in place’ by ‘standing waves’.

This is where a sound or frequency wave bounces between two points causing ‘feedback loops’ to hold things in place, between the two points.

It’s very complicated, but in short, SOUND plays a huge part in our experience. Sound and frequency.

But frequency is most effectively influenced THROUGH sound and audio.

What if you could instantly raise your vibrations/frequency just in a few minutes, by listening to an audio track PERFECTLY tuned to the golden ratio?

What if you could cut down on YEARS of practice, and astral project in just a few nights, by listening to the right audio track?

What if you could DECIDE what reality you want to experience, listen to the right track, and instantly start CREATING that reality?

The chances are you’re struggling with something this last year.

Maybe you’ve been struggling to raise your vibrations and KEEP them raised, with everything that’s going on?

Struggling to ‘hold the light’?

Or maybe you just want to manifest abundance and create a new world for yourself.

Struggling to astral project, or lucid dream?

It all links back to your vibrational state.

It took me YEARS of pain and learning to figure all of this out. I now lead a small research and audio engineering team, among some other projects.

Recently, we finally had a breakthrough.

We discovered a unique, proprietary way to encode sound, and do the following:

1. ’Weave the sound’ with powerful frequencies that influence your subconscious mind (remove limiting beliefs, strengthen or add POSITIVE ones)

2: Tune it to ‘mega frequencies’ like the golden ratio, to put your body and mind in tune with Gaia and your Highest Self. Listening to this for just a few minutes per day is REVOLUTIONARY!

3: Massively enhance the way binaural beats and Isochronic tones previously worked on the brain, and improve the ‘frequency following response’ you might be familiar with already

Our audio team found new ways to create a ‘sound landscape’.

A dynamic, changing landscape of ambient sounds and effects that help even more to ‘nudge’ your mind and vibrations into a certain pattern.

We used ‘fractal principles’ to create this effect, even if you only listen to the first 5 minutes of the tracks. This is cutting edge, and is a huge timesaver for people who don’t have time to listen to a really long track!

We also added powerful subliminal messages in layered binaural audio to 4 of the tracks. (We’ll label them so you know). These subliminal messages work to effectively change your vibration and beliefs to more positive ones!

You probably already know this, but…

There’s a BIG problem with most other binaural beats tracks.

1: Most of them are simply no different to the quality found for free on YouTube. This makes it a waste of time, as YouTube MASSIVELY reduces sound quality when you upload. (‘Frequency following response’ = GONE on YouTube).

2: You have to listen to the whole track to really get a benefit, and many are several hours long

3: To be honest, most of them are simply musicians, that genuinely don’t know how holographic reality works, or how to best encode sound to create an EFFECT in the body/mind!

And that last one is the real kicker.

Their tracks might SOUND good, but do they give you results?

Do they ACTUALLY change your reality, help raise your vibrations etc?

Or do they just sound good?

And it’s fine at first, you tell yourself ‘They sound good, so it must be doing SOMETHING’..

I led a small audio engineering and research team to develop new ways of encoding sound to produce results, faster. This led to now, where we’re finally ready to release the final product!

We started by coming up with several DESIRED results we wanted the tracks to give people. For example, reality shifting, lucid dreaming, astral projection, arising vibrations etc.

Then we designed frequencies and tones that would CREATE that effect.

The tracks sounded HORRIBLE.

Because the ‘mechanics’ for most of them at least (not the golden ratio one) meant that the tones/frequencies needed to get the effect did NOT sound good!

We didn’t stop there, of course.

Through our ‘fractal compression’ technique, we managed to compress the ‘mechanics’ of the track that give the results, and overlay beautiful ‘soundscapes’ on top.

Hours of rich, ambient, beautiful soundscape, with highly effective, powerful frequencies and encoding hidden beneath.


Below, you can see a few screenshots of the subliminal messaging audio layers we’ve added to a few of the tracks. These subliminals use affirmations and positive intention statements to change. your subconscious beliefs. 

This is another part of what makes these so powerful. 

Don’t worry: There are some tracks WITH messages and some without, so you can decide which ones to use. And in the PDF, you’ll be able to read the actual subliminal messages if you need to. 

Shifting Vibrations is a ‘megapack’ of the 6 most effective tracks we developed. They’re refined and very unique, each designed to do a specific thing.

Each track is 8 hours long, and designed with ‘fractal compression’ technology meaning you can start to get the benefits within just 90 seconds of listening to the audio.

Although they have names and purposes described above, you can raise your vibrations while listening to ANY of the 6 tracks.

Release ‘feel good’ endorphins

Help you manifest faster/better

Make lucid dreaming more likely

Make astral projection more likely

So you can choose how/when you listen to them!

This track helps you to train your subconscious mind to believe in ‘shifting’, and the idea that you can create and manifest your own reality. Encoded with the Fibonacci sequence, the effects are felt within minutes.

The booster track helps you to go to sleep and wake up in a new reality, and experience what you WANT to experience! 

Shaman Beats takes you on a beautiful journey, this is great for deep meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection or deep intense focus. Modelled on the deep trance state Shamans and Tribesmen achieved over the centuries, this will leave you feeling inspired, connected and healthy.

This is focused on lucid dreaming and becoming more in touch with your dream life, and enhances the dreams vividness and lucidity. I’ve combined the most effective features and audio techniques from all my other lucid dreaming tracks on this piece.

The ‘Golden Ratio’ is a sequence that runs through everything in the Universe, and life itself. This track is tuned to that frequency, and helps you ground yourself, manifest faster, heal, raise your vibrations and grow stronger in all ways.

New Horizons takes you on an ‘other worldly’ lucid dreaming/astral projection adventure. Designed for deep meditation, astral projection and other dimensions. Activates the pineal gland/third eye much faster than other methods.

A PDF containing your instructions, detailed description and explanation of each track, common troubleshooting, best practices, tips and more.

A beautiful binaural beats audio track, focused on keeping your brainwaves in THETA while you astral project. It has ambient noises, rain noises and relaxing wave sounds laced over the foundation of theta binaural beats.

For those who like to keep things simple. This binaural beats track is PURE theta, at the perfect frequency for astral projection. You can tune a binaural beat track to theta from various different frequencies, but this is the perfect tone and frequency for astral projection. It’s also a great foundation and place to start if you’re new to binaural beats.

A finely tuned track with special ambient noises designed to drift you into an OBE directly. This one can also be easily used to lucid dream or meditate, but I’d suggest just using it for astral projection. It has powerful THETA binaural beats laced over as well, and soothing volume swells and effects.

A new soul frequency track that combines ambient meditation music with soft binaural beats. This is perfect for waking projection and meditation, and REALLY relaxes you within just a few minutes of listening to it. This one I like to use for meditation but can very easily help you project as well..

For high power third eye activation and opening. This can also be used to project but I would advise simply using this for third eye meditation and activation, and daily use first thing in the morning. The effects of this binaural beats track will be felt long throughout the day!

I explain in great detail how binaural beats really work, the best ways and times to listen to them, and more. I share a powerful technique for astral projecting using binaural beats, and some warnings and best practice tips too. This explains HOW to use any binaural beats track to ascend and open your third eye.

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee On Entire Package (no risk)

PDF Instructions Explaining How To Use Them, Explanation Of Each Track, Warnings, Tips And More

As I said, I led a small audio engineering team and research squad to develop this. This is a passion project for me.

My mission here on Earth, is to raise the worlds vibrations or to help in doing that. There’s a big shift happening everywhere right now, and listening to audios like this is a TOOL for you.

A tool that you can use, to help it happen faster.

So I want AS MANY people as possible to be able to use this.

 The cost is simply to cover my development costs, and to ensure I can keep developing things like this, to help humanity ascend. The price you pay today goes towards helping me keep the small research team going.

It helps to fund future developments and progress.

I could easily charge hundreds of dollars for this exclusive package, because it’s encoded in a way that no other is. But I would much prefer to just cover costs, and get it to as many people as possible.

Option 1: Ignore this page, close this tab and ‘bury your head in the sand’. Struggle on with ‘low quality’ tracks on YouTube. Maybe they sound great, but do they REALLY raise your vibrations? It’s unlikely. 

Option 2: Try and figure things out for yourself. Try and find good tracks that will REALLY raise your vibrations and help you manifest things faster. There are THOUSANDS of track producers/sellers out there. How many of them have been developed by a research team led by a spiritually charged starseed? How many producers REALLY care about raising the worlds vibrations?

Option 3: Download our Shifting Vibrations MEGAPACK, risk free. Listen to the tracks for a few minutes. If you don’t feel a BIG SHIFT, you can get all of your money back, no questions asked. You can even keep the tracks. Yes, all of them. 

This deal won’t be here forever, so hurry if you want to take advantage of this! Start experiencing a HUGE SHIFT listening to these, this week. That’s a 90% Discount on our ENTIRE Package Of 8 Hour Luxury Tracks.

There are some questions you probably have about this, as it’s an audio product. If I missed something, please contact me using the button at the bottom of the site, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

The audio tracks have been put through rigourous testing and monitoring, and have undergone several revisions and updates. We monitor each track and how participants feel when listening to it. This helps to make sure that the ‘mechanics’ of each track REALLY do keep working, even after we add the ambient music, effects and soundscapes.

YES! Manifestation is SO much easier when you’ve raised your vibrations/frequency. The higher your frequency, the faster and more easily you can manifest whatever it is that you want in this reality. Manifestation and abundance become effortless when you raise your vibrations. And ALL of the 6 tracks help to raise your vibrations.

That’s what they’re designed to do, yes. A couple of the tracks are more focused on something specific like meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection etc. The higher your frequency, the faster and more easily you can manifest whatever it is that you want in this reality. Manifestation and abundance become effortless when you raise your vibrations. And ALL of the 6 tracks help to raise your vibrations.

Of course! Like I said, this is a passion project and I WANT everyone who tries this to get great results. This is because it’s not just a product for me, it’s helping to raise the worlds vibrations. I believe listening to these tracks WILL help you manifest your own reality, raise your vibrations etc. If for ANY reason you don’t love them, you can get a full refund up to 30 days from today.

Some of the tracks have binaural beats added, as an extra layer. BUT, the effect will be felt even if you don’t use headphones, which is a big difference to most binaural beats.

No, you don’t. You can play these tracks through a speaker, phone, laptop or through headphones. It’s entirely up to you. The best effects will be through stereo headphones, ideally noise cancelling, if you live in a noisy area but it’s not essential.

I chose 8 hours because that’s the average amount of time people sleep for. A simple way of getting the desired results from these, is to simply play a track when you fall asleep so it’s playing all night. This is because some people don’t have lots of spare time, but everyone has time to sleep. You can listen to any track at any time, however.

As soon as you’ve clicked the button, and entered your payment information, you’ll be directed to the download page. From there, you can access the tracks (and several surprise bonuses). You’ll also get emailed a link to the download page, in case you lose it!

You technically can listen to all of them in one day. I wouldn’t suggest you do that though, because the tracks are all designed to do different things. Some are for lucid dreaming, some for opening your third eye. They all serve slightly different purposes, PLUS they’re 8 hour long tracks, so you wouldn’t be able to listen to them all in one day unless you had a way to stop time!

I’d suggest using the track that’s most relevant to you first, and see how it goes. For example if you’re trying to just raise your vibrations in general, any of the tracks will work. If you’re trying to lucid dream, ‘Lucid Odysee’ makes more sense.

Well, that’s really up to you. They’re long tracks, and they’re designed to be used for specific purposes. You can listen to one after the other if you want, but I’d be very surprised if you were able to listen to two 8 hour long tracks one after the other.

You could however, listen to a few minutes or even 20 minutes of one, THEN switch to another. But the benefits would be roughly the same. I’d suggest just trying the one you want to use the most, first, THEN try other ones.

If you’re having trouble opening the files, please follow these instructions. The files are all in a ‘zip folder’, which is intended to make it easier to download. The zip folder should be completely downloaded to your computer, before you try and open any of the individual files. First, download the entire zip folder (this is ONE file).

Once you’ve downloaded it, and the entire zip folder is on your computer, NOW please try and unzip it using whatever software or program your computer uses. Usually, this is done automatically and your computer (PC or MAC for example) will detect that it’s a zip folder, and unzip it. Once it’s ‘unzipped’, you can view all of the individual files.

Problems arise if you try and open the zip folder online, and then choose which files to download. Please first try downloading the ENTIRE zip folder, and then unzip it on your computer. I know this might be a bit time consuming as it’s a big file but it’s the best way for hosting large files and making them easy to download.

The zip folder is hosted on Google drive, so should be available all the time, for any downloads. If you can’t download the zip folder, please get in touch and let me know about that. It really helps to try the download at a time when you’re not using your computer much or using/viewing other pages.

Sadly, some people might ‘find it difficult if you have for example, a slow internet connection. For this, there’s really not much I can do as it’s down to your internet connection. I will be making smaller versions of the files available in the future.

There used to be only 8 hour versions of these tracks, when we first launched. We now have two options for you, you can either download all of the files in a zip folder as 8 hour versions, ready for sleeping with, OR you can download the zip folder with 1 hour versions. Don’t worry, you can always come back and choose a different option to download. This way if you only need the 1 hour tracks, you don’t have to download loads of huge files, just the shorter ones.

Each track is unique and does something slightly different. That being said, you should probably start with just the basics, The Golden Ratio Experience. The ‘Golden Ratio’ is a sequence that runs through everything in the Universe, and life itself. This track is tuned to that frequency, and helps you ground yourself, manifest faster, heal, raise your vibrations and grow stronger in all ways.

After that, you can move onto the other tracks, depending on what you need or want to experience from them. By the way, there’s also a PDF included that explains exactly how to listen to them, how they work, best tips and what order you might want to listen to them in.

It’s been said that subliminals work a LOT better when you don’t know what they are. This effect happens because when you’re AWARE of the subliminal messages, your conscious mind filters them and starts to input your beliefs on them.

This can lead to them not working as effectively.

They’ll still work well, but probably only about 80% of the power they’d have, if you DIDN’T know what they were.

For example, let’s say the subliminal message is something like ‘I am wealthy’, that works to change your subconscious beliefs, if you’re not aware of it.

But if you become AWARE of the message or read it, your conscious mind steps in and says ‘no I’m not’, and you doubt yourself. This then makes it MUCH harder for the message to work. That being said, I understand that some people might really need/want to know what the subliminal messages are in the tracks they’re listening to. Firstly, I’ve only layered subliminals in a few of the tracks, in case you DON’T want subliminal messages.

I’ll list in the PDF that comes with this, the ACTUAL sentences and subliminal messages I’ve layered in, so you can see if you want to listen to them. 

These messages are layered in groups of 3 throughout the track. So each sentence is repeated 3 times before the next sentence is read.  This is layered in starting very early in the track so even listening to a few minutes you’ll start to get the subliminal effects.

If you don’t like/agree with these subliminals, please only listen to the other tracks with no subs. That being said, I’ve put a lot of effort into making sure the subliminal messages are things that would/should apply to and help anyone. They’re affirmations that will increase your ability and help break your subconscious limiting beliefs.

At the moment, certain tracks have subliminals included.

If you really don’t want subliminals, 1-2 of the tracks DON’T have subliminals. The ones that don’t are labelled and described in the PDF that comes with the audios. I find generally that the subliminals work even if they’re said in a language that is not your ‘mother tongue’, but it’s of course up to you if you choose to listen to them.

PDF Instructions Explaining How To Use Them, Explanation Of Each Track, Warnings, Tips And More

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VIDEO REVEALS: How To Raise Your Vibrations And Ascend To 5D Consciousness EASILY!

Enter your email below to unlock a free video that shows you how you can raise your frequency in 5 simple ways. This will help you ascend, and move into 5D consciousness. 

You’ll also unlock free samples to an audio track that raises your vibrations in just 25 seconds or less. Yeah, really. 

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