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OmniGeometry is designed to generate geometric formations based on recursive geometrical shapes. 

Everything in OmniGeometry is based on layers and their parameters. Each layer contains over 40 parameters that you can edit, and instantly see the changes in the formation.

When using Photoshop, Illustrator or other traditional image editing software for creating recursive or sacred geometry patterns, you have to use tools that are not designed for this task. 

This will require a lot of work, time and fine-tuning on your part in order to get similar results as with OmniGeometry.

With OmniGeometry you have a clean dashboard that allows you to easily and effortlessly create infinite geometric patterns with the touch of a button.

The OmniGeometry engine enables you to create perfect recursive geometry in a matter of seconds, as opposed to countless hours when drawn by hand.

OmniGeometry literally takes the compass and pen concept to the next level. It is specifically designed for drawing a shape recursively, over and over, with multiple levels of depth, like a tree that has leaves and branches, letting you at the same time adjust all the parameters in real time.

For example, increasing the recursion depth helps you find new patterns out of the same base formation.

Doing this by hand or with traditional designer software is close to impossible as on each level of recursion the number of points increases exponentially. This means that if the first level of recursion has 8 points, the next level would be 64 and by the time you get to the third level of recursion you are dealing with 4096 points!

Can you imagine drawing 4096 formations with a program like Photoshop or by hand? With OmniGeometry this would literally take you less than 3 seconds with just 4 clicks on the recursion parameter setting.

You have created an awesome design but you would like to add a unique background or add some additional effects. No problem, with our software you can export your designs. Technically, nothing in OmniGeometry is static. It’s all based on parameters, and the layers are drawn dynamically from those parameters. 

This means you can export high resolution versions of your scenes either as lossless PNG files, or infinite resolution vector versions that are perfect for prints and physical designs.

Lossless PNG images with transparency are a great way to incorporate into your designs or your digital art, and continue editing and compositing for example in Photoshop or Affinity Photo.  

Infinite resolution vector PDF files are excellent for print designs, or to be further edited in your favorite vector editor program. Or even taken into 3D by further editing the vectors manually for example in Blender.

These exporting features allow you to combine traditional vector and image editing programs with OmniGeometry, extending the power of OmniGeometry even more, and allowing you to leverage your strength in traditional design software to a new level.

With OmniGeometry’s smooth interface you can easily enter the zone of your creative process and stay in the flow by avoiding unnecessary time consuming tasks.

With other designer software programs getting and staying in the flow is just not possible with this kind of geometry.  You are compromised to either static bitmap layers or vector shapes that you have to carefully craft by hand and then copy or replicate. 

This time consuming process disrupts the organic and natural interaction with your geometry inspired designs. 

Furthermore, an important part of discovering new patterns that work with your current design is to interact with them in real time and see how they add to the existing layers. The ability to see how the layers stack up gives you instant feedback, so you can know what works and what doesn’t.

Once you have found a stunning static geometric design, you can bring it to life with the animation features of OmniGeometry. Each layer can be scaled, rotated and have their colors changed, allowing you to create mesmerizing animated sacred geometry patterns.

You can for example create trance inducing geometric formations live during a music festival or party. With any screen recording software you can record your animations and make cool videos for your website, movies or social media posts.

In the offline version, animations can also be exported as a sequence of individual PNG frames, allowing you to create high quality and high resolution movies out of your design in any video editing software.

Combined with the animation, you can trace your animated scenes to create beautiful, static bitmap images. Tracing means each frame of animation is drawn on top of the previous frame, thus creating mesmerizing and smooth color patterns.

Want to flawlessly design the Flower of Life or any of the other iconic Sacred Geometry formations?  With OmniGeometry you can easily design Sacred Geometry like the Flower of Life, Seed of Life, platonic solids, fractals and toroids in a matter of seconds.

Pros from all over the world and from all walks of life (graphic designers, tattoo artists, clothing designers, festival and event organizers, etc.) use OmniGeometry to create their geometry inspired designs.

This tattoo was designed by Dillon Forte from Sri Yantra Tattoo using OmniGeometry. World-renowned artist, Dillon Forte, is recognized primarily for his contemporary style of Sacred Geometry in tattooing.  Forte has been published in various magazines, books and editorials world wide.

OmniGeometry is an Interactive Recursive Geometry Generator used to create and export mesmerizing sacred geometry designs and mandalas. Easily choose your number of points, change the radius or angle and add special animation effects to your geometric designs.

OmniGeometry includes lifetime access to training videos on how to use our sacred geometry designing software. There are more than 20 different videos that range from beginner to advance level. Our intent is for you to use the software to its maximum potential so we will continue to add even more tutorials filled with tips and ideas to create amazing works of art.

Our lead developer Sakari has created a library of 72 different scenes, demonstrating different drawing features of OmniGeometry. You will be able to easily upload any of these scenes to carefully study the parameters and layers that were used to create each design. Plus you can choose to further customize the design and add your unique touch as a way to play around with the software and see what’s possible. 

We are constantly innovating and adding new cool features to our software. Always striving to make the software more user friendly and dynamic, our lead developer Sakari is committed to creating the best digital mandala creation tool on the planet. He actually worked for 6 years on the beta version before launching OmniGeometry.

Join our private Telegram group to connect with other OmniGeometry users, ask questions, share ideas or even collaborate! Plus you can share your designs and we will post them on our social media platforms to our audience of more than 100k fans. 

Run OmniGeometry directly from your browser. No installation required. 

Try it before you buy it.

Only available for the Offline Version. 

The offline version allows you to download the OmniGeometry software on your computer. 

The online version of OmniGeometry requires no installation because it runs in your browser!

The heart of OmniGeometry is our interactive recursive geometry generator. 

Over 20 video tutorials for you to learn how to use OmniGeometry.

You can export images as PNG files or lossless PDF vector files.

Save your designs in our cloud (only you can see them) and quickly upload them later to continue working on them.

Click on the button below to register for OmniGeometry’s Online Version

Downloadable version for desktop and laptop computers running macOS 10.13+ or Windows 10/11.

The heart of OmniGeometry is our interactive recursive geometry generator. 

Over 20 video tutorials for you to learn how to use OmniGeometry.

You can export images as PNG files or lossless PDF vector files.

Only one payment of 396 and you’ll have lifetime access to both the online and offline versions of OmniGeometry. This includes a downloadable desktop version of our application for macOS 10.13+ and Windows 10.

Export flawless and smooth animations with our frame by frame export feature. 

This will enable a lot of new possibilities, including 3D like points. Also possible to render SVG vector images at each point.

Click on the button below to register for OmniGeometry’s Offline Version

On how many devices can I install the offline version? 

You can install OmniGeometry in up to 3 different devices.

What is the max resolution for exports?

For the online version the max resolution for PNG is 10,000 x 10,000. 

Or you can export an infinite resolution vector PDF which is ideal for prints and physical designs. With our PDF exports you can continue editing your geometric designs in your favorite vector program.

What types of files can I export with OmniGeometry?

You can export lossless high resolution PNG for web and digital designs. 

Or export an infinite resolution vector PDF for prints and physical designs. With our PDF exports you can continue editing your geometric designs in your favorite vector program.

However, please keep in mind that tracing is a bitmap function and therefor can only be exported as a PNG file. 

Can you export movies and GIF directly from OmniGeometry?

Currently exporting animations is only possible frame-by-frame, but we have plans for exporting movies and GIF in future versions. Please be aware that the exports are only available for the offline version.

Can I see more designs that were created using OmniGeometry?

Sure! Click on the Instagram icon below to see thousands of designs created by people from all over the world using OmniGeometry. You can also check out the featured artists page.

Can I use OmniGeometry on my iPad?

OmniGeometry was designed to be used on desktops and laptops. We don’t recommend using it on an iPad as you might encounter some technical issues.

Why are my traced images not exported as vectors ?

The traced images can only be exported as bitmap images currently, but we have plans to figure out how to export high resolution traced images in future versions.

Do you have a trial version?

Yes, please click here to sign up for the trial version.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we have an affiliate program through ClickBank with great commissions 🙂

Please visit ClickBank’s Marketplace to create your affiliate account and start earning commissions anytime your referrals sign up for OmniGeometry.

What is the cost of OmniGeometry?

You have two options to get access to the OmniGeometry membership and our sacred geometry software.

What type of software do I get when I purchase OmniGeometry?

Our software is an interactive Recursive Geometry Generator that runs in your browser (Chrome, Brave or Firefox supported officially). If you purchased the Lifetime Membership then in addition to the online version you will also get the downloadable offline version for macOS 10.13+ and Windows 10.

With our software you can easily explore recursive geometry and create beautiful art based around rules imitated from how nature creates structures.

Our Sacred Geometry software utilizes the Golden Ratio, ~1.618 or Phi in many of it’s parameters by default, allowing you to create beautiful constructs that create harmonized patterns and beautiful art easily.

With OmniGeometry you can animate your geometry live and see how recursive geometry creates beautiful life-like constructs! OmniGeometry will allow you to explore geometry in a whole new way. Create, copy and modify formations with freely editable parameters.

I purchased OmniGeometry but I still haven’t received my login credentials?

After making a purchase via ClickBank you are supposed (after a few seconds) to be automatically redirected to our website so you can create your login details. 

You are also supposed to get an email from us which sometimes can land on your spam folder.

Sometimes technology can have glitches, so if you were not redirected and/or did not receive an email to setup your username and password then please contact us here.

 If you wish to pay with crypto please contact us first and we will send you the instructions on how to do so.

Do you have any testimonials?

We sure do! Check out what our raving fans have to say here.

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