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Are you frustrated or disappointed with your current forehand?

The Modern Forehand Domination E-book is the solution!

Quite often, players lose matches to players they should be beating due to inefficient or technically deficient strokes which breaks down under pressure… Over time, a mediocre forehand will lead to poor results on the court. 

This E-book will teach you how to hit your forehand like the PROS and skip the trial and error!

I’ve spent years researching and implementing the techniques of the top pro forehands on tour. As a result, I’ve developed an EXACT teaching system that will allow you to hit a MODERN forehand like the PROS! These principles and lessons are based on my years of experience as a top player and now as a coach! 

Yes, this means that you can IMMEDIATELY start hitting a better forehand RIGHT NOW!

Here you will learn the foundation of the modern forehand – the core principles of every top pro forehand which are: Adaptable, Fluid & Explosive!

I’ll show you how to prepare your body and racket like the pros! You’ll learn the proper ready position and unit turn to set the kinetic chain in motion (like lighting the sparks to a flame).

I’ll show you EXACTLY how to model and emulate your backswing like the pros! Think Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Agassi, etc! 

Here I’ll teach you all there is to know about the kinetic chain and utilizing torques and rotational momentum to coil and generate explosive power on your forehand!

This chapter is all about uncoiling and initiating with the hips! I’ll show you how to sequence your body so that you generate maximum power and rotational forces on your forehand so you can hit a killer forehand! You’ll learn the difference between the straight arm vs. double bend plus a lot more!

I’ll explain everything from the finish of the stroke to the windshield wiper forehand! I leave no stones unturned here, as I will give you key analogies along the way such as “peel the orange” or “arcing the rainbow!”

one time payment – full access

Learn to hit the Modern Pro Forehand!

Add Power, Topspin & Accuracy!

Avoid Needless Frustration and Trial & Error

Win More Matches and Dominate with Your Forehand!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

After purchasing Coach Ed’s book the “Modern Tennis Domination,” my forehand improved drastically!

David Rotheski – USTA Men’s 4.5 Tennis Player, California USA

If you’re ready to start winning more matches and DOMINATING with your forehand, now is the time to take action! 

You have the opportunity right now to save yourself the trial & error in your game! I’ve broken down ALL the steps of the modern forehand in an easy to read format so that you can improve your game regardless of your current level of play!

Hit the Buy It Now Button Below and I’ll see you on the other side!

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