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Warning: If you have ever lost money buying a rubbish betting system or a rubbish tipster service, then listen up. I’m about to change everything.

Hi there, Ian here,

If you think that this is a get rich quick scheme, you’re going to be disappointed. I am not promising overnight wealth. What I am going to show you, is how to earn a second income stream from horse racing which will require no more than 5 minutes of your day. I’ll show you how to build it up so you can rake in an extra £100-£200 on a daily basis.

By now you have probably tried it and seen it all. You have probably lost money on some rubbish betting service or tipster claiming to be the bee’s knees, but delivering very little. It’s no surprise as this is not an uncommon occurrence in the industry. I was once in your shoes. I know EXACTLY what it’s like to be a losing punter.. but things eventually changed.

I could go on about several reasons as to why it is so difficult to profit off of the bookmaker. One of them is because most punters bet on such a wide variety of races and tips. This strategy never ends up winning long term. This service makes use of lay betting, which allows you to bet like a bookmaker.

There’s a reason why no bookmaker ever goes out of business and that’s because they are constantly raking in the profits on a consistent basis. Not every day, but over time, they beat the punter far more often than the average punter beats them.

Around the early 2000’s there was a rise of Betting Exchanges. Betting exchanges were a little different from your traditional bookmakers because they allowed the punter to place what is called a LAY bet (most of you have heard about it).

As you may know, bookmakers are consistently making profit because they bet on their own terms. They choose the odds. You can only bet on something to win in theory, they are betting against you. Lay betting allows us to do the same, by selecting a horse to lose rather than trying to pick winners. This makes the process of selecting bets much easier and more reliable, as long as you know what you are doing.

I made £19,290 PROFIT in just over 7 months…

When I started making REAL money with this service I was still skeptical. It was only over the course where it suddenly felt like I had struck gold after winning every single lay bet I placed.

After a month, the form continued…

Two months went by, four months went by..

I suddenly realised that my method actually worked and I had built a system that would give me access to an extra £100-£200 profit a day going forward. I was proud of myself and I’ll be honest – I coined it.

Imagine what you could do with an extra £100-£200 of profit each day. You could save it, invest it, or use it to buy the things you want. With my service, earning this kind of money is not just a pipe dream – it is a reality for many of my satisfied customers. And unlike other betting strategies, our lay betting method is low-risk and has a high success rate. You can trust us to help you grow your betting bank and achieve a passive second income stream.

There are so many options to dream about…

Buying that fancy new laptop, massive HDTV or that new phone you’ve been eyeing.

Paying off some bad debts that still need clearing

Treading the family to a luxurious holiday.

Or maybe you want to take the boring route and keep withdrawing it and investing it, especially because gambling winnings are tax free (I’m kidding about the boring part. It’s always wise to invest and save).

You deserve that lifestyle don’t you? (YES!)

Betting is often glamourised. It is made to seem like professional betting is an easy job where it takes a few minutes and you can withdraw thousands a day.


It’s tough, if not tougher than any other job because it requires you to do countless hours of research and prep work. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own income.

I have put in THOUSANDS of hour’s worth of research via the racing post web site. I have analysed every known horse imaginable on the UK circuits and all of this knowledge is the reason why I am able to average £100-£200 a day.

Your bank should be doing THIS:

If it is not going in an upwards over time, LEAVE THEM!

My system has been working for more than 2 and a half years now.

It’s STILL working and I use it daily.

I know some of you might have questions about the service. I get them via e-mail all the time. Below are just a few of the most common ones that pop-up. If you need answers, just have a look if you can find it below. If you can’t, just e-mail me.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Question #1 – How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

A maximum of 5 minutes of your time each day.

Question #2 – What time do the bets get sent out?

You should receive the bets in your inbox by no later than 10am each morning. It’s usually a bit earlier than that.

Question #3 – What type of bets are we placing?

The bets that we place are simple lay bets on horse races. You can place these bets at ANY betting exchange (Betfair, Smarkets, Betdaq, Ladbrokes Exchange etc etc).

Question #4 – How Many selections are there on average each day?

Usually 1-2 lays are sent out each day. Occasionally 3 and very seldomly 0.

Question #5 – What horse racing does this focus on?

All bets are placed on UK racing. I live in the UK and often attend tracks so I am quite a keen observer. Watching live racing has also helped me develop an eye for picking up things that you don’t see in a form guide.

Question #6 – What size betting bank do I need?

In order to be making £100-£200 a day, you will need a decently sized bank, otherwise you can start with a small bank and build it up to a level where you’re staking to earn that £100-£200 a day! You can start with as little as £100.

Question #7 – Is there any Arbitrage involved?

No. These bets are strictly just lay bets that can be placed on any betting exchange.

A service like this can’t be cheap… Can It?

It sounds simple from the outside, but I take pride in the amount of research I do when it comes to making the selections. The system I have developed extends back half a decade which I have perfected over time. I’ve spent thousands of hours when it comes to time to perfect my methods.

The real value that my service provides is the ability to make you a second income stream for doing 5 minutes of “work” placing your bets each day. I understand that placing bets can be nerve-wracking, so I’m always available to answer any questions you may have and provide support when you need it. This means that you’ll never have to go it alone when you use my betting service.

In short, if you’re looking for a betting service that offers great value for your money, fantastic customer service, and the potential for huge profits, then look no further! Our service is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their betting experience. Give us a try today and see the difference for yourself!

There’s a FULL 30-day money back guarantee option!

There is no need to worry about being stuck with a product that you are not happy with. Simply contact me on the e-mail address below, within 30 days of your purchase, and we will process your refund with no questions asked.

We value our customers and want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. That is why we offer this no-risk, money back guarantee.

Take advantage of this offer and join with confidence. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help. Thank you for choosing our product, and we look forward to providing you with an exceptional customer experience.


It’s quite simple. You have an iron clad 30-day money back guarantee in place.

To try it risk free, all you need to do is paper trade for 30-days. You will clearly see how your theoretical bank keeps rising and IF by some crazy reason it doesn’t, you can opt-out, claim a refund and you end up risking NOTHING.


Start making your second income stream TODAY!

You have TWO options. 3 months or 1 full year.
The yearly membership obviously carries a big
discount and it’s the one I highly recommend!

£29 (3 Months – Once-off payment)

The second option is full the FULL YEAR and it’s
also a
once off payment. This option allows you to save £57!

£59 (1 YEAR- Once-off payment)

Whether it’s 4am or 4pm wherever you are,
you’ll get IMMEDIATE access to the service.

All payments are handled via Clickbank’s Secure Servers!

To your future profits

Ian Moore

P.S – The aim of my service is not to make you rich over night. It can’t be done. There will always be losing bets along the way. The key is to build a winning strategy and implement it on a daily basis. You then increase your stakes as your bank grows until you’re making between £100-£200 a day.

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