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Financial, property, and emotional damages are assessed and the plaintiff sues for that amount and restitution is awarded.

When a debtor ignores a judgment, the creditor must take steps to claim the money. So what can judgment creditors do?

The court system offers no recourse; once the judge makes a decision, the court has no further responsibility. Some creditors turn to attorneys, but very few lawyers are in the business of judgment recovery. The court DOES NOT ENFORCE COLLECTION.

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     This exciting business that has a never-ending supply of clients in need of help. Billions of dollars of court awarded money judgments go uncollected. Strangely enough, the court is NOT in the business of enforcement. There is no debtors prison.

     The plaintiff who won the case doesn’t know how to collect.

     This is an opportunity to come to the rescue of the plaintiff! The state gives you legal tools to collect. We show you how to use them. 99% of the people have no ideas how this is done.

     John turns to you for help because you are a Judgement Recovery Specialist. You find out where Josephine lives and can garnish her wages, take her truck and get it auctioned off, put a lien on her house, locate her bank and seize her money … and a bundle of other tactics to recover the money.

A few well worded letters and she’ll likely pay off.

    You have the legal right because of the court order to recover the money and the skill to do it.

     Judgment recovery is not “debt collection.” This is because you have an actual court order that says the person owes this money and you have a LEGAL RIGHT to locate this money and/or assets and seize them.

The Business: The plaintiff who won the judgement, assigns their rights, title and interest in the judgement over to you.

     You own the judgment and will typically charge 40% to 50% for your recovery skills. You collect the money (plus interest and expenses associated with collecting it) and hand John his percentage.

   A full-time person in this business typically earns 6-figures.

    Every day, hundreds of small businesses win lawsuits against individuals who owe them money.

    They get court-awarded judgments but many are never paid. This is NOT debt collection. It is enforcement of court-ordered judgements.

     Investigate and electronically locate where debtors bank, work, property is located, file legal documents to get banks and employers to freeze debtor’s assets and get paid on what you recover.

Who else Wants to Discover a Step-by-step Judgment Recovery Business Course?
IMMEDIATE OPPORTUNITY for Small Claims Processor

•  Work from home /Flexible hours /No weekends

•  Duties include: database research, filling out simple forms, and some typing

•  Must have own computer with internet access

•  No experience necessary

•  Find unlimited number of leads ABSOLUTELY for free

     You’ll be contacting people from a list of names and addresses you get from small claims courts all over the country. The people you contact have been awarded a judgment by the court, and don’t know how to collect it.

How Much Is Able To Be Collected:

You send out 100 solicitation letters to judgment holders and you’d likely end up with 30 to 35 judgments to collect.

Realistically, you’ll be able to collect about 50%-60% of those cases.

This means you’d collect on 15-17 judgments.

The plaintiff who won the judgement, assigns their rights, title and interest in the judgement over to you.

We show you how to start by sending out 100 letters.

     Also, this program gives you all the information you need to collect the claim on their behalf… without talking to anyone and without any confrontation. And, how to do the research and fill out all the paperwork necessary.

     A good judgement recovery investigator can easily research courthouse records and find hundreds of promising judgments. The investigator then simply conducts a quick assets check for the defendant and then offers to purchase the judgment from the plaintiff. Because we provide you with exceptional state of the art electronic investigative skills to do so, this area of work can become your hidden goldmine.

Professional Judgment Recovery & Small Claims Processing Course Overview

     Judgment recovery courses differ in tuition. Some charge in the tens of thousands of dollars for weekend seminars and are more expensive than college courses. Many stretch out a course with CD’s, DVD’s, three-ring binders and charge dearly for thier course..

     Ours is one of the better researched and more cost and time effective judgment recovery courses available on the internet. It will put you into business with a minimal dollar outlay. And, put you in business fast!

     The judgment recovery business has more judgment claims business available than any one person can handle. As the financial rewards of a business go, it is quite rewarding and the possibilities are endless for expansion and growth. And, just like any start up business, you are away from the secure job environment paycheck and have to live by your good work ethic. This is not get rich quick. You have to build up an income stream of cases, and when you have it, you’ll surprise yourself with how lucrative court ordered judgment contingencies can be. It’s like an old mechanical pump: when you pump the handle of the pump up and down enough times, the water flows automatically.

Here Is Exactly What I Am Offering You Today. Course Includes:

Step-By-Step instructions on how to set up the Judgment Recovery Business and start off running.

ins and outs for making this business work. All the methods, advice and tactics you’ll need to fast-track this business. You discover how to set up your business and learn how to go about marketing your business to a huge population of potential clients.

Invaluable Professional Insider Tips. Asset Location, Judgment Collections Insider Tips, Judgment Interest Rate Calculators. Recommended skip tracing services, credit bureau protocol, user licenses, FDCPA tips and post judgment interest calculators.

Invaluable Cover Letter and Agreement Form, Advisor/Agency Authorization Form, Sample Solicitation Letters, Advertising Mock-Ups, Purchase Agreements, Writ of Execution, Assignment Order, Debtor Profile Sheets, Earnings Withholding Order, Memorandum of Costs, Final Judgment Recovery Letter, Instructions To Levying Officer Form, Community Property Assignment Form

PLUS: Video training + Smart office resources database for locating a debtor. In most states, judgments are good for ten years. Accumulated assets are ripe for allocation using smart office resources.

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I Guarantee You WILL Get Wins or You Get 100% Of Your Money Back

The reason we are in this business is to help you succeed and win a higher percentage of your clients claims. So if you don’t win, I do not win. If you do not get results, I lose. If you are not happy, I’ll refund your money. It’s that plain and simple.

A “WIN” is when you created an income stream you did not implement before.  Or that you finally find a key chunk or reach a step finally out of the way.  I absolutely, unequivocally guarantee that you WILL get solid wins and winning results far in excess of the price, or I’ll refund every single penny of your money within the first 60 days. This guarantee is unconditional, a satisfaction guarantee.

I have no control over what people do or don’t do with this product.  Therefore, while your income generation amount is NOT guaranteed in any way, your money back IS guaranteed if you are not satisfied.

Order Option: I am a serious about beginning judgment recovery and small claims processing and it’s obvious that the Professional Judgment Recovery & Small Claims Processing Course will make me money and ultimately multiply my income.

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Why You’ll NEVER See My Product in ANY Store

You will never see this course in any store simply because it is only being offered online by way of my website.

You just need a credit card or you can use PayPal.  If we were to offer it in stores, the amount to produce the product would be astronomical, so take this offer right now before the price goes up and the product is hard to find!

P.S. Don’t work in another Dead End Job.
Small claims processing and judgement recovery is a challenging and extremely rewarding adventure and career path.

P.P.S. I take ALL The Risk! Take Advantage of Our 100% Full 60-Day Guarantee!
Remember that you have an entire 2 MONTHS to try out our coarse and if you are not satisfied in any way , shape or form, than send us a quick emil and you get ALL your money back! No questions asked! If you are not happy with this product … then I should NOT get paid … period!

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